Story Announcement – Foot Notes

From 2006 – 2008, as a part-time faculty member, I was assigned to coach several college engineering students in the development of a quick-turn orthotic (arch support) fabrication system sponsored by entrepreneurs. During the course of this development, the team needed a method to quickly and accurately obtain the shape of a patients foot such that the orthotic fabrication system could quickly replicate the shape in a plastic orthotic. Existing scanners used for this purpose were found to be either beyond the desired cost for the project or were limited by supplier interface restrictions. With help from students, peers, and support from my family, in the summer following the teams completion of the fabrication system, we set out to find a better solution for the foot scanner. Foot Notes is a fictionalized story based on this experience.

I am grateful for cheerful support and encouragement from the sponsors and from each team member and academic advisor. I am grateful for encouragement from family members and their willingness to share in my passions by allowing creative uses of home office equipment (see story). I am grateful for the students, family members, and professional peers who provided valuable comments to this manuscript. Please enjoy, Foot Notes.

Read the entire story for free here.

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