Cutting Edge – Table of Contents

Cutting Edge – Copyright 2012 – Kenneth Richard Hardman

Table of Contents

  1. Meet the Team
  2. Meet the Customer
  3. Experience It with your Own Hands
  4. Uncover Customer Needs
  5. Refine the Specification
  6. Compose the Functions
  7. Go Benchmarking
  8. Sketch Many Concepts
  9. Explain and Discuss Concepts
  10. Architect the Machine
  11. Rate, Rank, and Score
  12. Build Physical and Virtual Prototypes
  13. Conduct your Design Review
  14. Design all the Details
  15. Collaborate and Solve
  16. Purchase, Fabricate, and Assemble
  17. Test and Refine
  18. Deliver, Install, and Demonstrate (also Mentors Note and References)
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