Where might a career in engineering lead you?

My young engineering friends, I recently spoke to a group of 100 Engineering Product Development students at Brigham Young University about my professional experiences. In preparation, I examined the several companies I have worked for, the types of work I did for them, and the skills I used in performing that work. That career reflection brought back many good memories. It has been and continues to be a satisfying career.

To collect and present my thoughts, I built the following matrix (typical of an engineer) which I now share with you and an example of where an engineering career has led one particular engineer; me. What will your career in engineering be like? Where will you work? What companies will you work for? Will you run your own company? What creations will you innovate? What skills will you need and use?

The following matrix shows who I have worked for, what I worked on, and what skills I used. I hope this will be helpful to you in your career choices and development. (At least you will know where I get many of my ideas for my Engineering Stories.)

Ken Hardman Professional Experience Matrix

Ken Hardman Professional Experience Matrix

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