Engineering Soft Skills – Vital for Success

I attribute my career success to hard skills built and executed on the foundation of good soft skills. Get your soft skills right so that your engineering hard skills can succeed, but do it genuinely. May I recommend the following material on engineering soft skills? It’s provided by Don Gallagher of I have reviewed the material and believe it will help you in your career. If you are a student, forward this link to your parents so that they can better help you succeed. If you are a parent of a youth working toward a career in STEM, please learn and apply this material to give your children a strong foundation and beginning.

Again, I attribute my success in the engineering workplace to a knowledge of expected engineering topics, applied with good people, or good soft skills. Oh, and by the way, this is also the best way to enjoy life and to help others enjoy it also.

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2 Responses to Engineering Soft Skills – Vital for Success

  1. This won’t cease the scraping, but will at least provide you with some insight into who’s performing automated entry to your content.

  2. Don says:

    It’s very kind of you to blog about my new GUIDE. My goal is to see it help as many parents, teachers and students as possible. This will certainly help. Thank you.

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