A Continuous Ring of 175,955 Satellites

Just after sunset, Kendall and Katya took a walk up their favorite canyon, their last opportunity for two years.

“Can you believe we’ve come this far,” Kendall thought back to their graduate days. “To think that the research of two college students was taken seriously by so many.”

“And fought against by so many as well,” Katya reminded her husband and colleague.


“Yes, but just look at it, Katya!” Kendall turned and pointed across the skyline to the west. “It’s beautiful. A continuous stream of satellites orbiting Earth. And in two months, we’ll be riding her like a water skier on a smooth lake.”

“Da. The science will be phenomenal,” Katya said softly. “The view, incredible.”


Ken Hardman, author of Engineering Stories tries his imagination on a hard science fiction story, an engineering adventure spanning the next 50 years. Please encourage your engineering and science friends, space enthusiasts, colleagues and networks to follow this blog for a theoretical breakthrough in space borne systems.

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2 Responses to A Continuous Ring of 175,955 Satellites

  1. Don Morgan says:

    This would be a great introduction to Polaris Station! The visual segue is cool.

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