Polaris Station – Novelette Part 3

(Continued from Part 2)

Another person stood and commanded attention by his full gray suit and well groomed hair. “I have a question,” he said in a respectful tone.

“Yes, sir,” Kendall and Katya said in unison.

“Katya, I understand you have dedicated five years of grad school to this work. Is that correct?”


“And Kendall, you are a graduate student in mechanical engineering?

“That’s right. Upon approval of this dissertation, we both graduate next month.”

The man continued. “I’m impressed with the work you have done. It shows scientific rigor and bold thinking. It has some technical and political challenges, but in my experience, this is the recipe for opportunity for those who stick with it, do the science, work the issues, and test their theories. I look forward to reading your paper. Congratulations.”

Someone in the audience clapped, then another, and then all stood and joined the applause.

Kendall noticed Katya smile. He stood closer and offered a congratulatory hug.

The audience filed from the room visiting about solar 3D imaging, the proposed army of satellites, and the two space outposts.

As the full suited man passed through the door, Kendall thought he saw a logo on his briefcase and said, “NASA?”


25 Years Later

Kendall discovered the message by accident when the station vibrated.

(Continue with Part 4)

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