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      • PDF – In Get a Grip, a young engineer is assigned to an experienced engineering team responsible for developing critical automation in the manufacture of smart phones. She travels internationally with the team, generates concepts, and helps the team struggle through difficult setbacks and technical problems.

          • PDF Online – In The Orbital Mechanic, a solar flare knocks a space probe off course endangering a billion dollar mission. A simple timely solution comes just in time from an unlikely source to save the spacecraft. In this story, learn how engineers use science, math and physics to get spaceships from Earth out to distant planets.

26 Responses to Short Stories

  1. Matlhatsi says:

    Hi are there STEM stories involving Architecture, Microsoft , Civil Engineering, Quantitative Surveying and Engineering Graphics And Design?

  2. bmhardman says:

    Where did the nice covers come from?

  3. Ken, what a great idea you have here. Would you be interested in doing the same types of stories with a Manufacturing theme? I pinned your blog to our Pinterest page here 📌 Here is our website link

    • David (Manufacturing Stories),
      I’d love to cross over into manufacturing; actually, I see significant overlap between mechanical engineering and manufacturing since many engineers are heavily involved in developing manufacturing systems. I have been involved myself in many developments. As an example, my story, “Get A Grip,” or “Cutting Edge” are examples of engineers development custom automation.

      I have reviewed your website briefly; what do you have in mind for involving my stories? Please contact me at

  4. Janet Mambrino says:

    I teach engineering classes as a science/math elective at an all-girls high school and would be interested in using your stories, especially ones that show women in engineering roles. They will be especially useful in my introductory design class. Thank you!

  5. Rachel Arkens says:

    These are amazing! I am a first year science teacher who is teaching an Engineering course. This is the first time that the school is offering this course, and there is very little software that the school has. I have been looking for case studies and stories to go with my concepts. I will definitely use these! Thank you!

  6. Kenneth, would you consider doing a story involving the STEM engineering aspect of The Physics of Motorsports from High school go kart racing angle?



  7. Anonymous says:

    Kenneth, would you consider doing a story involving the STEM engineering aspect of The Physics of Motorsports from High school go kart racing angle?



  8. Brent Greenhalgh says:

    Great stories…looking forward to reading them all.

  9. Austin says:

    These are some great stories. Being a mechanical engineer myself, I think the stories really capture what it is like to be an engineer. Very inspiring for young men and women looking at a career in STEM. I will be coming back to read more stories in the future.

  10. John Adrian says:

    I read the short story “SpeedReader” and found it intriguing and a great tool to engage with students to drive their interest in STEM. I look forward to reading the rest of the stories

  11. Bethany says:

    I really like these stories and think this is a great way to share them!

  12. Emma Hardman says:

    I love it! I will definently take time to read all of your storys:)

  13. Bonnie Hardman says:

    This looks great!

  14. lahardman says:

    The new site looks fantastic. I’m excited to read all of the stories posted thus far.

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