Desirability and Transferability

I have some great ideas, they’re spinning in my head
They come to me at dawn, while sleeping in my bed
The one I got on Tuesday? a must for every home
The one I got on Wednesday? an app for every phone
I don’t have time for details, nor time to draw a plan
Cause what I got on Thursday? will change the game for man
I had some great ideas, desireable in my head
But since they’re not transferable, my great ideas are dead
In product development and design, in order for a product to be successful, it must be both desirable and transferable. Desirability is determined by the market, the users, the customers. Transferability is the documentation, the drawings, the fabrication instructions that are needed for a production system to make or build the item. Both are essential. This poem is inspired by the new book by Mattson and Sorensen, “Fundamentals of Product Development,” available on Amazon dot com. This text is used in the engineering Capstone class at Brigham Young University.
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