Engineering is about serving People

“Engineers solve problems in complex real-world situations; they design new systems and strategies to adapt to changing times; they make structures and products more user-friendly, responding to the real needs of communities and people. At its heart, engineering is about serving people.” (David E. Goldberg and Mark Somerville, A Whole New Engineer, The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education, ThreeJoy Associates, Inc. Douglas, Michigan, 2014)

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One Response to Engineering is about serving People

  1. Tanko Emmanuel Halilu says:

    This is directly in connection to what is called appropriate technology, or engineering with a human face. If we can see engineering in this face then we can ensure that our future as humans is secure this need to be taught from the grass root i mean childhood. However we know that engineering can also be used to destroy civilization, Nuclear bombs, Weapons of wars, Man made diseases, these we also need to stressed enough to notify the society the other side of engineering and how it post a threat to our very existence.

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