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Weightless – Part 5

(Continued from Part 4) “That’s the problem,” Mr. Jackson said. “Earth atmosphere re-entry is a critical maneuver and the weight has to be known with some precision to fire the re-entry engines just right; to get the decent just right.” … Continue reading

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Weightless – Part 4

(Continued from Part 3) The next evening, arriving home after scout troop meeting, Gregory heard some noise out in the garage. He entered to find his dad expectedly working on his project. “I thought science projects were for kids,” Gregory … Continue reading

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Weightless – Part 3

(continued from Part 2) “Orbit,” Gregory interrupted. “I get it.” Gregory sat there silent, his front teeth biting his lower lip. Suddenly he jumped to his feet. “So, if the football is like a space craft, with people inside, the … Continue reading

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Asteroids, Satellites, 2012 DA14, and Orbital Mechanics

Like many of you I was fascinated with the dramatic entrance of a recent asteroid into the atmosphere over Russia. It’s flash, its trail, and it’s compression wave remind us of the dynamic space throughout the solar system, galaxy, and … Continue reading

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