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Engineering Riddle – No. 1 (Math) “I may cross once, I may cross twice…”

I may cross once, I may cross twice, I may cross never, but never thrice. When starting up, I finish down, I finish up, when starting down. I have three parts, some friends would say, One straight, one curved, one same all day. … Continue reading

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Update from the Author

Dear Engineering Stories followers, I hope you’re all aware by now that my series of eight stories are available for free in a variety of ebook formats. Spread the word and encourage youth and engineering students to read Engineering Stories. … Continue reading

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Weightless – Part 10 (Draft)

(Continued from Part 9 Draft) “Now’s my chance.” Morris sat in his adjustable chair in his office on the second floor. On his desk there was a computer, a bronze elk, several text books, a green engineers notepad, a football … Continue reading

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