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The 30 minute orthotic – revisited

Yesterday I met my new Capstone team. They are bright, they are smart, and they are anxious to have this great experience. As we began examining the assigned project, I found myself reflecting back on a prior Capstone project. This was … Continue reading

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Engineering the Bottle Cap Opener

At BYU, the engineering Capstone senior project year is now underway. There are 179 students. The first two weeks included lecture on the fundamentals of product development by Professors Carl Sorensen and Brian Jensen regarding Opportunity Development, Architecture Development, Subsystem … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking about an Engineering Story

Like many engineering projects, my next Engineering Short Story is taking longer than expected to complete. In the mean time, if you are a student interested or studying engineering, and if you have read my story, “Get A Grip,” please … Continue reading

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