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Engineering Family History Stories

Dear Engineering Stories friends, Thank you so very much for your interest in these Engineering Stories. I have enjoyed writing them both because I enjoy engineering, and I enjoy writing in general. In fact, at my regular job, I see … Continue reading

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I don’t need to write– I’m an engineer!

I have worked with engineers for 30 years. I have worked with students for 12 years. Many engineers and students hesitate or back away from writing challenges, opportunities or assignments. There are a few who like to write, and a … Continue reading

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Engineering is more than Math and Science

I am reading a new book on Engineering Education called, A Whole New Engineer. My years of professional experience give me cause to agree with many of their conclusions and propositions. I will post occasionally from this book. Speaking of … Continue reading

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Engineering Stories – Book Preface

(I began posting individual Engineering Stories last summer. Since that time there have been over 6000 blog views and an estimated 1000 stories read from beginning to end. I have received many favorable comments from readers. Since the stories can … Continue reading

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