NASA Tech Briefs really do say something about Underwear

“Dad, can I come in?” Jenni knocked on the door of her dad’s home office.
“What’s up, Jenni?”
“Well, I was just looking at the magazines on the coffee table, and…”
“And what?”
“I was wondering,” Jenni said slowly. “Does NASA sell underwear?”
“Where did you get an idea like that?”
Jenni pulled a magazine from behind her back. “What are NASA Tech Briefs? Is this a clothing catalog for astronauts?”
Jenni’s dad laughed. “No, ‘briefs’ means ‘shorts…’ I mean, not short pants but short reports or briefings regarding NASA research.”
Jenni nodded. “Oh! I thought…”
“However,” Jenni’s dad interrupted. “NASA develops many technologies that are available to the public. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was something in NASA Tech Briefs about astronaut clothing. Let’s search and find out.”
Jenni and her father searched the NASA Tech Briefs website for underwear.
“Sure enough,” Jenni’s dad said. “Here’s one. Spacesuit Materials Add Comfort to Undergarments. Let’s see what this is all about.”
“Okay dad.”

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