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The Orbital Mechanic in STEM Magazine

Dear Engineering Stories readers, I am pleased that one of my engineering stories, “The Orbital Mechanic” is published in STEM Magazine and will be available to a large STEM and educator audience. Check it out and please encourage your friends … Continue reading

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NASA Tech Briefs really do say something about Underwear

“Dad, can I come in?” Jenni knocked on the door of her dad’s home office. “What’s up, Jenni?” “Well, I was just looking at the magazines on the coffee table, and…” “And what?” “I was wondering,” Jenni said slowly. “Does … Continue reading

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Solve a Billion Dollar Problem

Engineering Stories are intended to help you learn more about the activities of engineers. After each story, there is a mentoring section where I ask questions and provide insights. I’d like to know how you would solve the problem if … Continue reading

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The Orbital Mechanic – Part 1

Copyright 2012 – Kenneth Richard Hardman A Short Story in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Cover by Lisa Anne Hardman Story “Dad, what a cool office.” Kayla hopped into the high-back chair behind a handsome desk lined with little spacecraft … Continue reading

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