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Polaris Station (Scene PS:1A:S1)

(Year 2049 – The Lunar Marius Hills) Was it made by man, or by the universe? Was it reflective, clear-through, or opaque? Was it friendly, or filled with death? What ever it was, it approached from deep space and passed … Continue reading

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The Orbital Mechanic in STEM Magazine

Dear Engineering Stories readers, I am pleased that one of my engineering stories, “The Orbital Mechanic” is published in STEM Magazine and will be available to a large STEM and educator audience. Check it out and please encourage your friends … Continue reading

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Call for New Draft Novelette Readers

Dear followers of Engineering Stories, Thank you for your support to my short stories. Now, help me take my next step in the world of engineering stories by volunteering to read the draft of my new novelette, Polaris Station. It’s … Continue reading

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Watching humans set foot on the moon fixed an engineer’s passion to go farther

Dear Engineering friends, please read this man’s journey and passion for engineering. A Boeing Technical Fellow – A world away “The more challenge I get, the better I get…” (Kauser Imtiaz, Boeing Innovation Quarterly)

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NASA Tech Briefs really do say something about Underwear

“Dad, can I come in?” Jenni knocked on the door of her dad’s home office. “What’s up, Jenni?” “Well, I was just looking at the magazines on the coffee table, and…” “And what?” “I was wondering,” Jenni said slowly. “Does … Continue reading

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Solve a Billion Dollar Problem

Engineering Stories are intended to help you learn more about the activities of engineers. After each story, there is a mentoring section where I ask questions and provide insights. I’d like to know how you would solve the problem if … Continue reading

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The Orbital Mechanic – Part 1

Copyright 2012 – Kenneth Richard Hardman A Short Story in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Cover by Lisa Anne Hardman Story “Dad, what a cool office.” Kayla hopped into the high-back chair behind a handsome desk lined with little spacecraft … Continue reading

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