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Winter Bike Ride looking for some Engineering

Come with Ken on a winter bike ride and discover some Engineering. http://youtu.be/9X-M0YFl1Lc

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Engineering Riddle – No. 4 (Materials) “A Point of No Returning”

Your welcome to disfigure, transform or twist with vigor, But let me be your warning, to save you dreadful mourning. When released from deformation, whether tension or compression, From my left get restoration, from my right, life-long mutation. I’m a … Continue reading

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My Engineering Stories, and others recommended by Henry Petroski

I’m grateful to Henry Petroski, a well known engineering author for his ongoing recommendations for my Engineering Stories. In addition to providing an endorsement on the back of my book, Dr. Petroski, the Aleksandar S. Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering and … Continue reading

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