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Engineering Riddle – No. 6 (Heat Transfer) “I Scale”

I scale in a wind-storm, I scale in a flood I scale in tornadoes, I scale in the mud I scale in an oven, the air blistering heat I scale in a wind-chill, rain, snow or sleet I scale when … Continue reading

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Engineering Riddle – No. 5 (Fluid Mechanics) “Dimensionless”

I’m a fraction made of forces, comparing different strength I have no final units, only characteristic length I sample speed and weight and size, these are the things I measure My subject as it ebbs and flows, changes shape forever … Continue reading

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Engineering Riddle – No. 4 (Materials) “A Point of No Returning”

Your welcome to disfigure, transform or twist with vigor, But let me be your warning, to save you dreadful mourning. When released from deformation, whether tension or compression, From my left get restoration, from my right, life-long mutation. I’m a … Continue reading

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My Career Experiences and Applications

I recently gave a Professional Development presentation to a hundred students at the university. It was an honor and very enjoyable to encourage these amazing students. To prepare, I took the engineering analytical approach. Along the left side of the … Continue reading

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Coaches, Cars, and Character

Team after team, the endurance race pressed on. No car came anywhere close to beating us. Hopes were high. But when it was all over, the maroon and white competitors from Texas had the highest overall score, and my team, … Continue reading

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Weightless – Part 8 (Draft)

(The next day) “I’m nervous, and excited,” Mr. Jackson thought as he made his way to Dr. Best’s office. Dr. Ellen Best, hired very recently, received a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering from a reputable university aerospace program. She was … Continue reading

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Weightless – Part 4

(Continued from Part 3) The next evening, arriving home after scout troop meeting, Gregory heard some noise out in the garage. He entered to find his dad expectedly working on his project. “I thought science projects were for kids,” Gregory … Continue reading

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