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The 30 minute orthotic – revisited

Yesterday I met my new Capstone team. They are bright, they are smart, and they are anxious to have this great experience. As we began examining the assigned project, I found myself reflecting back on a prior Capstone project. This was … Continue reading

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Engineering Student Projects Links

The ‘Engineering Stories’ blog gets a lot of hits from people searching for Engineering Student Projects. I expect these are students wondering what to do for their student project. Well, to help them out, I’ve started a blog page to … Continue reading

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What do Engineers Do? Look at their Senior Projects

Want a good idea of what engineers do? Take a look at thousands of Engineering Senior Projects. http://www.cefns.nau.edu/interdisciplinary/d4p/ http://www.ce.ucsb.edu/undergrad/sr-projects/ http://www.mtu.edu/mechanical/undergraduate/senior-design/ http://umaine.edu/mecheng/senior-design-projects/ http://www.bu.edu/ece/undergraduate/senior-design-project/ http://eeic.osu.edu/capstone/capstone-design-showcase http://eecs.oregonstate.edu/node/292 http://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/mesp/ http://mechanicalengineering.pages.tcnj.edu/academic-programs/me-senior-projects/ many many more search the internet for mechanical engineering senior projects

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