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Polaris Station (Scene PS:1A:S1)

(Year 2049 – The Lunar Marius Hills) Was it made by man, or by the universe? Was it reflective, clear-through, or opaque? Was it friendly, or filled with death? What ever it was, it approached from deep space and passed … Continue reading

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It’s Engineers Week Day 2 – Read and Share “The Orbital Mechanic”

Engineers design machinery, automobiles, farm equipment, factory automation, things that float, things that fly, and yes, things that go into space. Let’s celebrate Engineers Week by reading an Engineering Story. Better yet, think of youth you know that need to … Continue reading

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Ken Hardman tells quick engineering stories in a video

Recently, we held a family “talk” night where family members came prepared to give a talk or presentation on a topic of strong interest. What do you think I spoke about? Engineering, one of my favorite topics. The event was … Continue reading

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