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Engineering Stories Free This Weekend

The Engineering Stories Kindle version is available for free this weekend at Amazon dot com. Please let your friends know. http://www.amazon.com/Engineering-Stories-Realistic-Fiction-STEM/dp/1483949869

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It’s Engineers Week Day 1 – Read or Share “Get a Grip”

I chose engineering as a career because it satisfies my interest in mechanisms, machinery, automation, innovation, and making things that serve people. Engineering pays well and provides good benefits. Let’s celebrate Engineers Week by reading an Engineering Story. Better yet, … Continue reading

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Engineering Project – Re-inventing the 35mm Color Slide Digitizer

I can’t help myself. When I get it in my head to create a solution or solve a problem, it doesn’t matter that it has already been done before. I love finding a quick, in-expensive solution to a need. In … Continue reading

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Ken Hardman tells quick engineering stories in a video

Recently, we held a family “talk” night where family members came prepared to give a talk or presentation on a topic of strong interest. What do you think I spoke about? Engineering, one of my favorite topics. The event was … Continue reading

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Engineering Stories Flash Fiction

Since the beginning of this blog two years ago, I have added short stories, short short stories (flash fiction), and riddles. I will add more of each soon. In case you missed any, or joined after they were posted, I … Continue reading

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Flowing with Infrastructure

Infrastructure; The National Academy of Engineering provides the following definition, “Infrastructure is the combination of fundamental systems that support a community, region, or country.” (http://www.engineeringchallenges.org) One of their Grand Challenges for Engineering is, “Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure.” The challenge … Continue reading

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Proprietary, a novel by Larry Howell

I just finished reading a novel called, “Proprietary.” It is an adventure and mystery that illustrates the importance of proprietary information in a company and the reality of industrial espionage in the world. It makes the reader, rightly so, want … Continue reading

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