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Engineering Stories Free This Weekend

The Engineering Stories Kindle version is available for free this weekend at Amazon dot com. Please let your friends know. Advertisements

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Engineering Soft Skills – Vital for Success

I attribute my career success to hard skills built and executed on the foundation of good soft skills. Get your soft skills right so that your engineering hard skills can succeed, but do it genuinely. May I recommend the following … Continue reading

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I whole-heartedly agree with the following brief article on sketching for engineers. Please take a few minutes and read what this engineer has to say. Sketching improves the ideas, brings forth solutions, and drives the work forward.

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How do engineers get creative and solve problems?

By thinking through previously developed solutions as well as examining the laws of nature, an engineer looks for ways in which present needs can be met. Whether designing a spacecraft, automobile, machine, or computer algorithm, the engineer reaches out into … Continue reading

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I don’t need to write– I’m an engineer!

I have worked with engineers for 30 years. I have worked with students for 12 years. Many engineers and students hesitate or back away from writing challenges, opportunities or assignments. There are a few who like to write, and a … Continue reading

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Engineering Stories Flash Fiction

Since the beginning of this blog two years ago, I have added short stories, short short stories (flash fiction), and riddles. I will add more of each soon. In case you missed any, or joined after they were posted, I … Continue reading

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Engineering the Quarterback Cam

“Break” The offense approaches the line. I-formation; running backs in position, 4th down, the Longhorns down by 6, 39 seconds left in the 4th quarter of the 2017 championship game. From the quarterback (QB) cam mounted in the forehead of … Continue reading

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