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Engineering the Quarterback Cam

“Break” The offense approaches the line. I-formation; running backs in position, 4th down, the Longhorns down by 6, 39 seconds left in the 4th quarter of the 2017 championship game. From the quarterback (QB) cam mounted in the forehead of … Continue reading

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Announcement – Engineering Stories in Paperback

Engineering Stories is now in paperback! Seven stories illustrated, formatted, and published in a handsome professionally bound book for some ernest reading. Listen to these endorsements by engineering academic professionals on the back cover. “A fabulous collection of realistic engineering … Continue reading

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Job Shadowing an Engineering team making the next great Smart Phone

“Get A Grip” is a short story in the ‘Engineering Stories’ series about Melissa, a young engineer who hit the ground running at her first job. What a great experience. Read the story for free at the link below. Here … Continue reading

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