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One + One-half = Four

“Rick?” Becca burst into her colleagues office with her laptop half open. “In the 3D-Printer specification you state that the extruding-head must move precisely to four equally spaced positions.” Rick let go of his mouse, leaned back and put his … Continue reading

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The Minor in Engineering – Wireless

“Grandpa?” 5 year-old Ben eagerly grabbed me one holiday, while the other kids played soccer. “Yes Ben?” I replied, looking down at the blond bundle of thought. Ben hesitated then found the right words. “How does electricity move without wires?” His mother … Continue reading

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Weightless – Part 2

(Continued from Part 1) Gregory’s eyes looked back and forth quickly, digesting his fathers questions. “The moon is in space, circling the Earth every twenty-seven point three (27.3) Earth-days. Think about it. The massive moon is going around and around … Continue reading

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Announcement – Engineering Stories in Paperback

Engineering Stories is now in paperback! Seven stories illustrated, formatted, and published in a handsome professionally bound book for some ernest reading. Listen to these endorsements by engineering academic professionals on the back cover. “A fabulous collection of realistic engineering … Continue reading

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