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Watching humans set foot on the moon fixed an engineer’s passion to go farther

Dear Engineering friends, please read this man’s journey and passion for engineering. A Boeing Technical Fellow – A world away “The more challenge I get, the better I get…” (Kauser Imtiaz, Boeing Innovation Quarterly)

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Engineering Innovation – The art of seeing new patterns and combinations

When I see ideas like this (aircraft transforms from one to three planes), it makes me thrilled to be an engineer. New ways of thinking, new combinations to accomplish missions, new challenges to be solved. To make this work, I can … Continue reading

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Announcement – Engineering Stories in Paperback

Engineering Stories is now in paperback! Seven stories illustrated, formatted, and published in a handsome professionally bound book for some ernest reading. Listen to these endorsements by engineering academic professionals on the back cover. “A fabulous collection of realistic engineering … Continue reading

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Get A Grip – Part 1

A Product Development Adventure “Okay everyone, listen-up.” Brandon leaned forward bringing the Monday morning staff meeting to attention. “The rumors are true.” “Oh no.” Melissa thought, arms crossed, hands gripping her upper arms. “Was everyone against hiring me?” Brandon, middle-aged … Continue reading

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