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STEM Talk – Engineering is Cool

Watch Ken Hardman, an aerospace engineer and author talk to a group of youth about the engineering of airplanes, rockets, and space vehicles. Learn about mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, industrial, and computer engineering. Watch, listen, and learn about Science, Technology, … Continue reading

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Polaris Station – Novelette Part 8

(Continued from Part 7) “Houston to Captain Parker, Emergency. I repeat, Houston to Polaris Station, we have an emergency.” Kendall looked up at A4 who stopped the recording. “We copy, Flight. Give us the scoop.” “M-479 has been compromised. I … Continue reading

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Polaris Station – Novelette Part 6 with Illustration

(Continued from Part 5) (Figure – This is a collage of several vantage points in the story. In the background is the Earth at night with lights of North America showing. In the lower right is the Earth with two … Continue reading

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Polaris Station – Novelette Part 5

(Continued from Part 4) Kendall finished his breakfast in the control room while checking status monitors for the 4.3 meter Hubble-7 telescope as well as the primary solar and the Arctic earth scanners. All nominal and ready for Earth and … Continue reading

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A Continuous Ring of 175,955 Satellites

Just after sunset, Kendall and Katya took a walk up their favorite canyon, their last opportunity for two years. “Can you believe we’ve come this far,” Kendall thought back to their graduate days. “To think that the research of two … Continue reading

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The Orbital Mechanic – NGSS Aligned Version for Grades 6-8

For teachers of K6-8. Science and Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In The Orbital Mechanic, a solar flare knocks a space probe off course endangering a costly mission. A simple solution comes just in time from … Continue reading

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The Orbital Mechanic

The Orbital Mechanic (Complete story in one post) Engineering Stories – Short Stories (Realistic Fiction) in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Come into my office, conference room, and laboratory – Experience my adventures, teams, challenges, thoughts, travels, and sudden insights … Continue reading

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