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A Continuous Ring of 175,955 Satellites

Just after sunset, Kendall and Katya took a walk up their favorite canyon, their last opportunity for two years. “Can you believe we’ve come this far,” Kendall thought back to their graduate days. “To think that the research of two … Continue reading

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Announcement – Engineering Stories in Paperback

Engineering Stories is now in paperback! Seven stories illustrated, formatted, and published in a handsome professionally bound book for some ernest reading. Listen to these endorsements by engineering academic professionals on the back cover. “A fabulous collection of realistic engineering … Continue reading

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Engineering Stories – Book Preface

(I began posting individual Engineering Stories last summer. Since that time there have been over 6000 blog views and an estimated 1000 stories read from beginning to end. I have received many favorable comments from readers. Since the stories can … Continue reading

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Applying Newton’s Third Law of Motion in the Gravitron Ride by Creaco, Meyers, and Krauss

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction…”  Sir Isaac Newton From the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, I found this nicely written very short story about Newton’s 3rd Law,  It is written by Anthony … Continue reading

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